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Post  shimeixiaoxiao on Fri Sep 23, 2011 12:35 pm

A majority of fountain pens can accept a converter filling system.mont blanc , Most converters operate using a piston system.canetas mont blanc , To fill the converter, unscrew your fountain pen and insert the converter into the nib section. Screw the knob on the converter anti-clockwise so that the piston moves as far forward as possible. Dip the entire nib into a bottle of ink and turn the knob clockwise to draw the ink in. Once the converter is filled, remove the nib from the ink and turn the piston forwards to bleed out 2 or 2 drops of ink.

In order to keep your fountain pen at its best, it requires regular cleaning once a month. It is advised that you 'flush' your fountain pen out by dripping cool water through the nib section. You know the pen is cleaned once the water coming out of the nib has turned clear. A good way of cleaning your pen is to fill up the converter with water (as you would do with ink), and then expel it by twisting the piston forwards. The pen must be air-dried before putting ink back in the pen. It is also recommended to clean out your pen when changing ink colours or brands.

Always choose good quality inks because they are designed to keep your pen writing smoothly. Use inks that are designed for fountain pens, and never use Indian ink because it contains lacquer that will seize up the pen mechanism. If you want to write with bright colours such as pink or purple, keep a pen dedicated for that colour because coloured inks stain the barrel.

Keep your pen full of ink because the ink flow can become inconsistent if the reservoir is near to empty. Do not loan your pen because the nib adjusts according to different handwriting styles. Do not press hard whilst writing as this will damage the nib. Do not store your pen for too long because the ink will dry out and cause ink flow problem.


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