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Post  shimeixiaoxiao on Mon Sep 26, 2011 12:48 pm

Jute is a long and soft vegetable fiber that can be spun in order to create threads that are strong and course.louis vuitton france , Jute is produced from plants in the family of Tiliacea in the genus Corchorus.ugg australia , This is one of the cheapest available natural fibers, and is second to cotton in terms of how popular its use is, and how inexpensive it is to produce.

Jutes fibres are made up of plant and wood fibers consisting of cellulose and lignin. Most people refer to Jute as Hessian. In the past Jute was used for gunny bags, which are sacks comprised of Jute. But Today this environmentally friendly fiber is being used to create beautiful Fashion Handbags. Not only is the fabric sturdy and visually attractive, but is environmentally friendly. It's These reasons why Jute is becoming increasingly popular. Manufacturers in the handicrafts industry, are turning their attentions to creating fashionable accessories made from this incredible natural fiber.

This naturally biodegradable fiber is not only useful when it comes to Fashion Handbags, It can be used for the making of many other ingenious creations, rugs, carpets and chair coverings to say a few. But now designers and crafters are looking to the future, with fashion accessories high on the list, designers are turning towards jute for a couple of reasons:

First of all, this material is strong and sturdy, meaning it can withstand a lot of abuse without breaking down as many natural materials do. Secondly, because jute is environmentally friendly, and this is right on par with the eco-friendly approach that many designers are taking when it comes to high fashion.

The decorating of Jute Handbags is endless, beads, sequins, ribbons, lace, not to mention embroidery. The utilization of dual fabrics, Jute handbags are now being combined with cotton, another natural material, together the combinations of colours and styles are endless. With new designs and styles being created on a regular basis. The designers are in heaven there is no limit to the attractiveness of Jute. They not only make a environmentally friendly fashion statement, but they make incredible eco-friendly gifts.

When it comes time to look for the perfect gift for the person that has everything, you cant go past a Jute Fashion Handbag. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they come in an endless amount of unique designs, colours and handle types. These cost effective handbags are not only well priced but they are sturdy and visually appealing you cant ask for more than that.


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